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Performing live at Beatstock, from left to right - Marlo, Jen and Gina

Performing at KTU's Beatstock 2000

Another shot of the girls on stage

Laissez Faire's Jen, Gina & Marlo

Laissez Faire w/a couple of KTU's staff at Beatstock 2000, Staten Island, NY

Backstage shot from left to right: Jen, Gina, some lucky guy and Marlo

The lovely divas of Laissez Faire - Marlo, Jen and Gina

Gina, Jen and Marlo

Jen with her sister, Lisa on a party bus on their way to a show

The newlyweds, Gina & DJ George Calle

Gina with Dennis Rodman (circa early October 2000) at Lucky Cheng Restaurant in Greenwhich Village, NY

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