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The following text portion (slightly modified) is taken from DMA Magazine (volume 5 – Issue 12). Picture taken from Randy's website, Check out his website for more great pictures of Randy and other celebreties...

CEO/Producer/Writer Randy Taylor-Weber is taking the Bay Area market by storm. This young talent brings a strong mixture of Freestyle musical creations with a blend of remix and production touches. Sabrina, Daisy, Emotion in Motion and Julissa, to name a few, are the current roster artists featured in Galaxy Freestyle Records that Randy has built his label on. Hitting the scene in 1997, Randy has been making waves with his unique blend of songwriting and production talents.

To find out more about what Randy is up to, be sure to check out Galaxy Freestyle Records' website at Other Galaxy Freestyle artists currently featured on this page are Emotion in Motion and Sabrina.

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